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Services will be tailored to your individual needs and life situation. This could include a combination of the following services offered by Integrity Counseling.

Individual Therapy Sessions

These typically last between 45 and 50 minutes. The primary focus of treatment is you, processing situations, life events, receiving feedback.

Family Therapy Sessions

These sessions involve you and your family unit, often discussing family conflict and issues that impact one or all family members. There will be times that the therapist will meet with subsets of the family to work on specific issues, for example, just the children of the family, a mother and daughter, or other units.

Group Therapy

From time to time, Integrity Counseling will offer group sessions for people who have similar issues. The benefit here is to learn a skill set from others and in knowing that you’re not alone. Your counselor may mention this type of service to you.

Support Groups

Support  groups are meetings with other people who are experiencing similar issues.  Most people have heard of support group formats with meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).  Support groups are often peer led and are intended for participants to have a support structure outside of therapy. 


"I t takes two to tell the truth--one to speak and one to listen."                                                                                                                        -Thoreau


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