Integrity Counseling 

                                   Personal Development, llc

"T here is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”                                                                    -Maya Angelou

Integrity Counseling & Personal Development is staffed by Christine Dalton   who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She earned her Masters degree from the University of Georgia in Social Work and graduated from Shorter College with degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She has experience working with all age groups from young children to older adults. Christine had a great deal of experience assisting families who feel disconnected or just are not functioning at their optimal level. She also assists families resolve issues related to behavioral difficulties, oppositional behaviors, or other developmental issues. Other areas of clinical interest for Christine are grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, abuse recovery, and life stage transition.

Christine moved to Jefferson in 2006 and opened Integrity Counseling in 2008. She is very excited to be practicing in Jefferson and investing in her community through various volunteer opportunities and activities such as Jefferson Community Theatre and the Downtown Development Authority.

From time to time, Christine will supervise an intern in the final stages of their education, meaning that they are not licensed professionals. If a service that an intern provides is deemed appropriate for you, Christine will speak with you regarding this option.